Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Micheal Jackson.


 I am quite saddened that the world is one musical genius fewer as of yesterday, however he was looking a little rough and frankly quite scary to be honest..I actually had a dream once that Micheal Jackson was chasing me through a mall....and it was quite possibly one of the scariest dreams I've ever had. Anyway, I'd prefer not to dwell on the negative. I'll make sure to take a shot for ya tonight MJ. ;)

I've recently decided to get my ass in gear as an artist. Because I have been a lazy piece of crap when it comes to my art..and haven't really done anything for quite  some time. I know you're just dying to scrutinize and judge my shit behind my I'll get pics up soon I swear. I also plan to put it all on ebay, because I'm classy like that and I'm broke as shit. But the whole point of this post really is to share my love for an amazingly talented artist I recently rediscovered. His name is Brian Dettmer. It's not often with art that you see something truly original but I feel like his work definitely is. I had the chance to see his work in person at an art fair in Chicago, and some of the books he works with are so small! The intricacy of his work is mind-blowing. But don't take my word for it...check it out for yourself.