Monday, July 20, 2009

I got a job. WHAT!!?!

Alright, so it's of Wednesday I'll be joining the corporate world of underpaid, boring, mundane, pointless tasks known as the workforce. Granted, I don't have THAT much to complain about it's only Subway...not a burger patty or any grease whatsoever in sight. But, I mean, I'm going to be making sandwiches...what a boring fucking job. I know that most people would think I'm bitching for no reason...but frankly most people are ignorant to the way that the world could work if we didn't live in a profit-based corpratocracy, democracy is an illusion..and anyone who believes that they actually have a say in what happens with their government is lying to them self. If people were meant for such mundane tasks as making sandwiches in an assembly line we would have been born as ants. They live as such...because they don't know any better. Humans, on the other hand, have highly evolved brains that allow so much potential...yet as a society we're stagnant. We've got ourselves stuck in a system of cyclical consumption, tremendous waste and greed and profit based incentive. Well anyway, I could go on for hours about these sorts of things..but it's a beautiful day out and I want to bask in the sunshine, listen to the smooth sounds of Bob Marley, and enjoy my freedom while I still have it.  If you get the chance listen to Peter Joseph's bi-weekly radio show, all of the shows are recorded so you can get caught up on ones you've missed. Seriously, do it. He's a brilliant man, you won't regret it.    Peace and Love <3