Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Let's talk about Inner Talk

     Understanding inner talk is a critical part of understanding ourselves, our lives and how we view the world, yet, it is so ingrained in our behavior that most people are completely unaware of what it is and how it affects nearly everything. Inner talk consists of all the random thoughts that we think to ourselves every second we are awake. It's so important because it's occurring constantly, it never stops. The voice in our head is responsible for coloring the way we view the world. It's a filter through which all of our experiences must go through first. If we step back and look at a situation truly objectively it is neither positive nor negative until we choose one or the other.
     Every time we experience anything we have the choice to either view the circumstance in a positive light or a negative one. That's the amazing part, we can choose to change the setting that we view the world through. Most people are so accustomed to thinking a certain way, that they would never consider that changing the world is as easy as a change of attitude. We cannot change the outer world without first changing our own inner world.
     So how, exactly, do we make these changes?  We need to get to know our  inner selves. Consciously observe our thoughts. Instead of instantly reacting to a situation, we need to ask ourselves, "Is there anything positive that I can gain from this experience?" "Are things really as bad as I make them seem?" I've found that journalling really helps me to get in touch with my inner voice. Reading over old entries forces me to see how my thoughts progress over time, and also see when I need to make a change. Meditation is another great way that we can train our inner selves. Meditation teaches us to be aware of our thoughts and to use them in the best way possible. It has been the most liberating experience, for me,  to learn that my daily experiences are a direct result of how I view the world, what I expect, my biases and prejudices, and my fears all shape my experience, and that I can change these things at any second, I can change them daily if I'd like. We can never expect the world to change, the world is not the problem, we are the ones that need some work. Once we learn this simple fact the possibilities are endless.

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